Cleaning Your Company

Jeff Shea, President of the Western Division, discusses cleaning and ancillary facility services.

Facility Management ROI

John Gendreau, President of the Eastern Division, discusses the communication process between REDLEE and their clients.

Who is Redlee?

Charles Redfearn, Sr., Chairman of the Board, shares the history of Redlee and its future.

How does one turn facility management into return-on-investment?

Let's look at the positive attributes of a clean work environment. Employees demonstrate higher loyalties to their own organization when they identify with order, feeling safe and comfortable in their community known as in-group favoring. The goals of occupational safety and health programs include fostering a safe and healthy work environment. Having a clean and ordered facility heightens productivity and encourages others to hold to higher standards. Repairing or maintaining company assets, furnishings or environments prolongs your investment. Having a company you trust to manage these efforts saves you time.

Commercial Janitorial Business Redlee/SCS

REDLEE/SCS has been dedicated to commercial janitorial cleaning since 1982. Founded by Charles and Chuck Redfearn, our professional employees and loyal customers have helped us grow to become one of the largest family owned janitorial companies in the country. Let us show you why we’re different, dependable, and have managed to have some great fun along the way. Our commitment is to provide a clean, healthy environment to work in, and help enhance the value and appearance of our clients’ spaces. Few things can make such a lasting impression with visitors as a clean, well maintained office, school, bank, building, etc. without saying a word. We consider it a privilege to be your partner in delivering these impressions to visitors of all kinds. Our dependable performance is the reason we’ve built so many long-term relationships with our clients. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work. It’s what we do best—from being closely involved in your daily operations, to providing the finest quality control measures, to creating open lines of communication so we can quickly respond to your needs.