Charles Redfearn, Jr.

headshot of Charles "Chuck" Redfearn, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

What’s your college experience?

About one semester short of graduating from NTSU, but I’ve also taken some executive learning courses through University of North Texas and Southern Methodist University

What have you done outside of working at REDLEE/SCS?

I was a Day Man at Stemmons North Office Park, a Night Floorman at Delta Air Freight, , a machinist at Victor Equipment, Design Engineer at Hydro Pure, and a Plant Manager at Trojan Metal Fabricators.

What’s your career within REDLEE/SCS been like?

I started the operations of our very first account in Tulsa, OK.  I worked nights for the first three months of the contract and it’s just grown from there.

What’s your favorite cleaning product?

Methylene Chloride – it’s great stuff but it requires a lot of precautions to use properly and it’s definitely not green.

Your favorite quote?

“Expect a miracle.” – Oral Roberts, and he did.  Every day.

What do you enjoy most about working at REDLEE/SCS?

One answer… the great people.

And if you weren’t already blissfully happy being a janitor, what is your dream job?

Formula 1 team owner

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