Charles L. Redfearn, Sr.

Headshot of Charles L. Redfearn, Sr.

Chairman of the Board

What’s your college experience?

  • North Texas State Teacher’s College in 1953-1954 (now known as University of North Texas)
  • Hillyard School for floor maintenance
  • Certified in janitorial work-loading and cost estimating
  • Dale Carnegie sales and management certifications

What have you done outside of working at REDLEE/SCS?

My first job out of school was with State Farm Insurance.  I was promoted through the ranks to an Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, which meant I was responsible for the building, the mail room, the janitorial and security contracts, and the maintenance department.  I then went to work for Champion Paper Company (later Texas Envelope) in sales.  I went back to facility management for Allstate and then began working for the janitorial company who had the Allstate contract, Building Service Company of Texas as the West Texas Regional Manager.  ITT bought that company in 1971 and then Pritchard Industries purchased ITT in 1978, where I ended up working in sales and operations in various cities in Texas and Oklahoma.  After a few more years, I got tired of making other people money and decided I needed to go out on my own in the janitorial industry.

What’s your career within REDLEE/SCS been like?

I’m a co-founder with Chuck and I’ve been a replacement day porter, night cleaner, weekend parking lot cleaner, sales person, and once things started to really grow I was the President, then CEO, and am now Chairman of the Board.

What’s your favorite cleaning product?

Hillyard’s Super Shine All – it’s a terrazzo, marble, and granite neutralizing agent and cleaner.

Your favorite quote?

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.”  — Wally “Famous” Amos

What do you enjoy most about working at REDLEE/SCS?

My job is the job I dreamed of when I was a banker.  I crunch numbers, do financial analysis, forecasting, and problem solving.  It’s fun and I am surrounded by warm, fun loving associates.

And if you weren’t already blissfully happy being a janitor, what is your dream job?

I’d be a cattle breeder.  I got into the hobby through my father and really enjoy learning about the different breeds and their characteristics.  I have a herd of Semitoles, which are German and bred for beef and milk.

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