Michael Holman

Mike Holman

Chief Financial Officer

What’s your college experience?

  • Grayson County College from 1971 to 1973
  • East Texas State University, graduated in 1977 with a BBA in Finance
  • I had an internship with the US Treasury Department working as a national bank examiner, where I worked for 6 months and went to school 6 months.  I was stationed in Longview, TX.

What have you done outside of working at REDLEE/SCS?

Internship with the US Treasury Department, then as an assistant national bank examiner; loan reviews with First City Bancorp in Houston, TX; Sr. VP of Commercial Lending with First City Bank; President of Southwest Bank when it was a startup; VP Commercial Lending with Commonwealth National Bank; SVP and President of Preston National Bank and I still serve as a Director today.

What’s your career within REDLEE/SCS been like?

I started as the VP of Accounting and then moved up to CFO.

Your favorite quote?

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie

What do you enjoy most about working at REDLEE/SCS?

My job is the job I dreamed of when I was a banker.  I crunch numbers, do financial analysis, forecasting, and problem solving.  It’s fun and I am surrounded by warm, fun loving associates.

And if you weren’t already blissfully happy being a janitor, what is your dream job?

I would still be in an over regulated industry known as banking, I’m sure.

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