Vince Leon

headshot of Vince Leon

Vice President Human Resources

What’s your college experience?

  • BA from University of North Texas that took longer than most Doctors to complete their medical degrees and internships as I felt a need to drop out and explore the world of musicianship in low to non-paying bar gigs.
  • MS in Human Resources and Training from Amberton University.  I accomplished most of this degree while working at REDLEE.
  • IICRC certified

What have you done outside of working at REDLEE/SCS?

During my epic voyage of under graduate studies and ‘play free bird’ gigs I have about 10 years in the restaurant industry. I remember them fondly as I am always reminded of how challenging and important your front line of operations is. Later at Footstar, a Fortune 500 in a HR capacity, it was all about systems in managing 25k workforce. I have also spent a little bit of HR time in the Telecom industry.

What’s your career within REDLEE/SCS been like?

I have been with REDLEE for over 11 years, starting as the HR Manager and later as VP. We have over 3200 crew members at any given time in multiple states providing services to our clients.

Your favorite quote?

Leadership is a process not a result. – I am pretty sure I came up with this which was generated from my many readings of Jack Welch and my experience that leadership is the ongoing process of mentoring, coaching and managing others to lead for themselves to achieve.

What do you enjoy most about working at REDLEE/SCS?

From the greatest success to the most challenging of times, I have always been surrounded by great people that share a vision; and care about one’s individual success as much as that of the organization.

And if you weren’t already blissfully happy being a janitor, what is your dream job?

It would be something that involved my love for animals that would be tragically cut short by some midlife crises stunt Jeff Shea and I thought we could pull off unplanned and completely random on our Harleys, that most likely would garnish news coverage.

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