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10 Little-Known Facts About REDLEE/SCS Inc.

Photo of Redlee/SCS employees at a Walmart with shopping carts full of productsOur family-owned and operated commercial janitorial business has grown from a small, mom-and-pop shop to a company that services customers nationwide. We are proud of the company we’ve grown to be and the employees we have the privilege of working with. Think you know all there is to know about REDLEE/SCS? Think again!

Here are 10 little-known facts about our company:

  • Esta Redfearn (corporate administrator) used to type up Charlie’s proposals for him at her home each night after she’d spent the day working at her paying job. Talk about dedication.
  • Our first awards dinners were held at Salerno’s Restaurant in Flower Mound, TX and the Salerno family has catered every year since we outgrew their banquet room.
  • Chuck Redfearn (CEO) has firsthand experience as a janitorial worker in high schools so he really knows his stuff.
  • We are active participants in our community and encourage our staff to participate in charity and volunteer programs. The Jill Redfearn Community Involvement Award is presented each year to the branch that demonstrates the highest level of Community Involvement.
  • And not only is community involvement big, internally, our employees take care of each other. Unexpectedly, one of our employees passed away last September and the entire REDLEE team came together to help the family during this difficult time. Money was raised and some employees even gave up commissions on sales. It was a truly humbling experience.
  • Our CFO, Mike Holman was once an auditor for the Federal Reserve, and was president of a Dallas area bank before he became a janitor.
  • Our corporate trainer, David O’Haugherty travels to every branch each year to conduct building safety audits to double check our internal security, equipment, chemicals, and procedures. They’re not required, just something extra we do to make sure our customers are taken care of.
  • Over 20% of our employees have tenure of 10 years or more with the company.
  • Every year, we host the sporting clays tournament for the Wounded Warriors foundation in honor of Pam Holman. Because of it, Beth Bunk, VP of accounting, picked up the hobby of sporting clays, skeet, and trap shooting because she worked with us. And she’s still shooting today!

We hope these fun facts gave you just a peek into what makes REDLEE/SCS Inc. so unique. As you can see, our family, our friends and you, our clients, makes us love what we do.

If you’re looking for a commercial janitorial service that is large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to earn and maintain your trust, contact REDLEE/SCS today. We are one of the nation’s leading minority janitorial organizations because we maintain a “hands-on” approach to management that focuses on daily operations, quality control and communication with our clients. We would love the opportunity to meet you and provide a solution to your commercial janitorial needs. And hey, your establishment could earn a spot on our next fun fact list!

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