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One of our greatest strengths: a real sense of community.

Local communities play a big part in who REDLEE/SCS, Inc. is.  In order to help these communities grow and reach new heights, it is up to our employees to make a difference.

REDLEE/SCS focuses on three types of charities that are integral to the betterment of communities in which we have a presence: children’s organizations, veterans’ organizations and animal welfare concerns.

Among recent events in which REDLEE/SCS employees have participated:

The Fight for Air Climb (benefiting the American Lung Association).

Employees climbed 53 floors of Dallas’ Renaissance Tower.

The annual Pam Redfearn Holman Shoot (benefiting a veterans’ charity).  Our company’s clay pigeon shoot brought out employees, veterans and friends alike, raising many more dollars than expected.

The annual Hope Gala (benefiting Operation Kindness, an animal welfare organization).  Many of our employees are animal lovers.

Additionally, one of REDLEE/SCS’s biggest commitments is to Meals on Wheels.  Once a week, REDLEE employees at our various locations leave the office to deliver meals to homebound seniors and other individuals, then return to work.  Even Kevin Lilly—the only REDLEE/SCS manager in our Birmingham, AL area—delivers for Meals on Wheels, along with his wife.  “Every time we deliver, the faces of our recipients light up,” says Megan Redfearn, REDLEE/SCS SharePoint Manager.  “They are always so grateful.”

The real force behind our ongoing community volunteerism is the late Jill Redfearn, who ran our HR department for many years.  “As we were growing up, she was always giving back to local nonprofits,” recalls her daughter, Megan.  “I admire that she worked hard to not only support our family but to make life better for local residents.”

The Jill Redfearn Award was established to honor employees in each of REDLEE/SCS’s regions (Eastern, Western, D/FW and Corporate) who volunteer in their communities.  Employees compete to do the most good and are honored at the annual REDLEE/SCS Recognition Dinner.

As we continue to find more ways to be a true friend to the community, the company will measure its accomplishments not chiefly by bottom line numbers but by the number of lives its employees brighten.

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