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Your Cleaning Crew: Meet the REDLEE/SCS Team in Indianapolis

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It is our goal to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. To do so, we provide coverage for customers nationwide from a number of regional sales offices. We have such great teams working at each office that we want you to meet them!

Derek Brown, a Business Development Manager from our Indianapolis office took some time with us to introduce us to the team in Indianapolis. Learn what they’re all about:

Q: So Derek, what’s a typical day in the office like?

A: “We spend very little time in the office. A typical day usually consists of inspecting buildings and meeting with Property Managers and Tenants to ensure we are providing the best cleaning and customer service. In between, I (Derek) spend time bringing in new business for the market.”

Q: How do you handle customer service?

A: “We take the time to get to know our buildings and our customers. We treat it like a partnership. A lot of our property managers actually office offsite, so they trust us to be their eyes and ears. I was in the hotel industry prior to the janitorial, so making sure a customer’s needs are met or exceeded is a priority.”

Q: What is one of the most interesting or most challenging jobs your office has taken?

A: “We have had several interesting and challenging jobs. However, one of the most interesting is when a couple of buildings in the same complex were being taken over by baby snakes. Every day we were finding them in the restrooms and tenant suites. Imagine going to the bathroom and having a snake right there! This went on for a couple of months. Luckily, we have a supervisor that likes snakes and we were able to find a solution to this unique situation.”

Q: Do you have a team/office motto?

A: “’Proactivity instead of Reactivity.” We also have the saying “Make it Pop!” We have a very talented team of Stone Restoration and Maintenance specialists that can really make a floor shine. It stands out from the rest. Thanks to these guys and what they do, Stone Restoration and Maintenance has taken off.”

Q: Is there something unique you do in the Indianapolis office?

A: “Since we are in Indy, we celebrate the Indy 500 and Moto GP each year. We have a great group that goes to these events each year and always a fun time.”

Q: Who makes up the Indianapolis team?

A: “Brian Baker and I run the Indy market on the management standpoint and have a great group of daytime and nighttime cleaners and supervisors. We also have Kevin Hogston, Aurelio Rojas, and Miguel Rojas who do the stone restoration and maintenance, and Tom Lucas who helps with our engineering services.

Brian Baker is our Operations Manager and our newest member to the team. He oversees all aspects of our services. He is proving to be a great asset and look forward to all he is bringing to the team. In Brian’s spare time he spends time with his son Tristan’s baseball team.

I make sure we are providing exceptional service and everyone is happy, while bringing in new business. I spend my spare time with my beautiful wife and two sweet girls, while trying to squeeze in kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and land paddling when I can.

Kevin Hogston is one of our Stone Restoration Technicians. He is an artist with what he can do with stone floors and his extensive background in this field has been an asset to the company. Kevin spends his spare time with his kids and is quite the horseshoe player.

Aurelio Rojas and Miguel Rojas are also our Stone Technicians. I couldn’t ask for any better than these two. They go above and beyond. Both enjoy spare time with their families.

Tom Lucas is our Engineer who helps us with three of our accounts. You can always count on Tom to get the job done right and stay on top of maintenance, he’s a class act. Tom spends his spare time camping and working on his car.”

So there you have it! Between taking care of baby snakes and providing a fun, active company culture, there is a great team behind the REDLEE/SCS Inc. Indianapolis location. If you’re a property or facility manager in the Indianapolis area looking for a janitorial crew to keep your facility in tip-top shape, contact our Indy team. We are confident they will take great care of your facility and leave you nothing but satisfied. Give Derek a call today at (317) 324-4005.

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