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REDLEE/SCS became CIMS-GB with Honors Certified in July 2017

The REDLEE/SCS team worked hard to achieve this certification in initially 2015 for our Dallas Operations. We spent months reviewing & documenting our policies, procedures, and corporate and cleaning operations to achieve one of the highest standards in our industry.

This summer, we are not only renewed our Dallas Operations, but expanded throughout the entire company, while receiving the coveted With Honors designation. Only the top quarter of 1% of cleaning contractors in the United States achieve this designation, and we are proud to be included in that group.

What is CIMS-GB certification?
An independent 3rd party certification to ensure our operations are among the best in the country.

CIMS: A Valuable Tool
Any organization can claim that they are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction, but only a CIMS-certified contractor can assert that an independent, accredited assessor has reviewed the organization’s management and operations systems and verified compliance with the principles and requirements of CIMS. By requiring CIMS certification, much of the guesswork is taken out of the equation and you reduce the risk that your contracted cleaning organization will be unable to deliver consistent, quality service. Plus, many of the CIMS elements easily transfer to other facilities services, expanding its value far beyond cleaning.

Strongly Supported by IFMA
CIMS is strongly supported by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) for its power to make your life easier! As a result, more and more facility managers, purchasing professionals and others are citing CIMS in their requests for proposal and cleaning specifications, including the Air National Guard Readiness Center at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, State Farm Insurance and others who have made the decision that only CIMS certified organizations are eligible to be awarded a cleaning service contract.

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