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A custom approach to facility services reflects well on you

Taking a cookie-cutter view when it comes to cleaning facilities is like saying “one size fits all.” At REDLEE/SCS, we clean everything from corporate headquarters to branch banks. We recognize that every facility has a different personality and certainly has varied janitorial requirements. What is important to one tenant—say, cleaning the blinds—is not as critical as cleaning carpets is to another. Our goal is to make every client happy because their needs are constantly met.

Here are some suggestions that can ensure your cleaning service does everything to your satisfaction, and especially to your special priorities:

1. In the case of multi-tenant buildings, listen to your tenants.
Survey your tenants to learn what is important to them in the way of cleaning needs, and be sure to convey those things to janitorial companies when the job is bid out.

2. Be a partner with your janitor company, rather than an outsider.
Often the person who makes the decision in hiring a janitorial service is so far removed from the actual building, or in such a rush to hire, that they forget to convey what the needs of the company or tenants are. It is crucial to think about the who, what and why your are hiring a service, and your expectations of that service. Take the time to understand the offerings of the janitorial service and how you can benefit most from these.

3. Consider the added value of a custom approach to cleaning.
Tailoring services to your priorities gives cleaning companies such as REDLEE/SCS the opportunity to offer value-added services based on your specific requirements and budget. For example, if saving money is of primary concern, we can adjust our proposal and services to perhaps vacuuming three nights a week instead of five, or other efficiency measures without damaging the overall appearance. Things like these may not be that visibly noticeable, but the savings over the long run can be substantial.

Whatever your cleaning goals, just remember to keep an open line of communication with your janitorial service. If you frequently discuss your needs, concerns and wish lists (i.e. “wouldn’t it be great if you could do this type of service for us”), then you will receive exactly the kind of customized and exceptional results you expect from a superior company. It will also give your company a chance to understand what really matters to you and will be able to offer suggestions for improvements throughout the business relationship.

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