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March Madness: How We’d Clean the Georgia Dome after the Final Four

photo of a basketball just before it enters the hoop. A crowd of fans watches in the background

The Georgia Dome hosted the NCAA Men’s Final Four games for the third time this year (It was also host to the Final Four in 2002 and 2007). The Dome, which first opened in 1992, has also hosted the NCAA Women’s Final Four once, the Super Bowl twice, and hosted several events in the 1996 Olympic Games. With more than 71,000 permanent seats in the Dome, a packed stadium means plenty of opportunity for mess to accumulate across the hundreds of thousands of square feet inside the building.

Imagine the immense undertaking of cleaning the Dome. How would you clean the Georgia Dome? Here’s how REDLEE/SCS, Inc. janitorial services would handle the task:

  • Take the team approach. There is no “I” in team sports. The same is true when it comes to cleaning a facility of this size. Large groups of people can create a mess quickly; a group of people can also clean a mess quickly. Rather than relying on regular employees and janitorial staff to clean the Dome after the Final Four, we’d call in our professional cleaning troops to tackle the project together. Regular janitorial staff should keep up with tidying up and cleaning the facility during an event, but our team of professional cleaners will get the facility back in tip-top shape as quickly as possible.
  • Cleaning from top to bottom. Beer, peanuts, pizza, hot dogs, popcorn — just a few of the favorite concessions at any sporting event. When more than 70,000 people are eating and drinking under one roof, combined with the up and down excitement of college basketball, one can only imagine where some of that food ends up! Sweeping, hosing and wiping the stadium from top to bottom, in every nook and cranny is the only way to remove what celebrating (and disappointed) fans left behind.
  • Sanitization to the max. Viruses and bacteria like to hang out on high-touch surfaces such as chairs, bleachers, door handles and stair railings. In a stadium the size of the Georgia Dome, the term “high-touch surfaces” is taken to a whole new level. Disinfecting and sanitizing every surface touched inside the Dome is essential to helping to prevent the spread of any illness to the next crowd that enters the facility. At REDLEE/SCS, INC., we use a product called Oxivir to sanitize high-touch surfaces. Oxivir kills bacteria and germs and prevents the area from being re-contaminated for the next 30 days.
  • Go green (yes, we’re chanting it)! Environmentally friendly cleaning practices are important in any facility, no matter the size, but the impact of using green cleaning techniques to clean a facility the size of the Georgia Dome is huge. We use LEED-approved green cleaning techniques and products to reduce our impact on the environment.

REDLEE/SCS, INC. has had the experience cleaning a variety of facilities, from sports arenas at universities to downtown museums to corporate offices. If you’d like more information on how REDLEE/SCS, INC. can provide janitorial services for your facility, please visit us online or call 214.357.4753.

Did you enjoy the tournament this year? Were you rooting for Louisville to win? Let us know!

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