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Spring Cleaning: Your Janitorial Service can Help Prevent You from Getting Sick

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The U.S. Department of Health estimates that each year, 20 percent of Americans contract the flu. According to the CDC, more than 9,000 people have been hospitalized with flu and complications of the flu, and so far this flu season, 64 individuals have died, keeping the outbreak above epidemic levels.

Influenza is easily spread, especially in populated areas such as workplaces and schools. In order to prevent the spread of germs and organisms that cause flu and other illness and disease, your facility should be cleaned regularly, from top to bottom. REDLEE/SCS, Inc.’s commercial janitorial services focus not only on keeping your facility clean, but also on eliminating germs, which keeps your employees and visitors healthy.

We do this by focusing on these “germ hotspots”:

High-touch surfaces — According to the Journal of Medical Virology, viruses and bacteria can remain on hard surfaces such as door handles, desks, phones and computer keyboards for up to 18 hours. Every year around October, REDLEE/SCS, Inc. will proactively reach out to clients and building associates offering to disinfect touch points such as door handles and telephones with a product called Oxivir. Oxivir not only kills bacteria and germs, but also prevents the area from being re-contaminated for a period of 30 days. We also accompany this service with educational literature from our partner Kimberly-Clark and give our clients small hand sanitizer bottles to keep around the office.

Restrooms — Germs quickly build up in restrooms, and are easily passed from one person to another. Surfaces such as floors, walls, sinks, faucets, door handles and toilets should be regularly sanitized to remove harmful bacteria.

Flooring — Floor surfaces, including carpet, are easily overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but soiled floor surfaces are a breeding ground for germs and can contain more than 2 million bacteria per inch. Carpets and floors should be cleaned regularly to ensure germs and bacteria that are tracked into your facility on the soles of shoes are not spread.

REDLEE/SCS, Inc. janitorial services will clean your facility using our specialized pandemic plan to help prevent the spread of germs, keeping your employees and guests safe and healthy. We use LEED-approved green cleaning techniques and products and offer our clients IICRC certified carpet cleaning.

If there is an outbreak of illness in your facility, we will perform our touch point sanitization service to all surfaces that people regularly come in contact with, or any that were known to come in contact with the person or persons who became ill to help prevent further spread of germs and bacteria.

In the United States seasonal flu activity usually peaks in January or February, so right now we’re in a month with an extremely high risk for flu. It’s time to enlist a cleaning service to make sure that your employees, your tenants and yourself are staying healthy this year. Call us today at 1-800-229-7384 or contact us online.

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