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We really care about carpet cleaning

REDLEE/SCS takes pride in offering as many different options as possible to keep your office and premises looking impressive. Beyond janitorial work, we provide such essential services as carpet cleaning. Maintaining the longevity of your carpet is very important for a successful office.

A good carpet cleaning service should be certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and indeed, all of our managers are certified.  Such expertise also includes a thorough understanding of carpet fibers and what procedures are both safe and effective.

We analyze such variables as carpet fiber, pile and which process would be most effective. For example, wool carpet requires a wool-safe cleaner because it is a natural fiber. We are sensitive to the fact that fibers can be damaged if the incorrect cleaning process is used.

Typical office carpeting is made of polypropylene. While versatile, it has a very low heat point and our carpet experts know that an overly hot cleaning process can damage the fibers.

It’s also critical to know how to treat a stain or soiled area. Whether acidic or alkaline, it must be neutralized to a pH of 7.

REDLEE also offers green cleaning alternatives that can lengthen the life of your carpeting. A process called Crystal Dry® encapsulates dirt particles in the carpet and then crystallizes them, allowing the dirt to be removed during the next routine vacuuming. Crystal Dry is wool-safe, leaves no harmful chemical residue and won’t oversaturate the carpet with potentially damaging moisture.

You can rely on REDLEE/SCS to keep your office looking great in every way, including service professionals who have every aspect of carpet cleaning covered. Let us know what we can do for you.

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