Responsiveness, Planning, Training, Security

Transitioning from one janitorial contractor to another should be a simple process for a facility manager. When you hire REDLEE/SCS, we guarantee that’s what will happen. The team includes the Regional Vice President, District Operations Manager, Operations Manager, and Cleaning Crew Supervisor.

  • 2 Weeks Before Service Begins – determine staffing, equipment, supply requirements; develop detailed requirements and check sheets for supply and equipment; detailed check list provided to Property Manager to ensure all cleaning specifications are covered; management notifies tenants of new janitorial service
  • 1 Week Before Service Begins – tenant walk throughs to determine special requirements; exit schedule with previous provider is presented for removal of equipment and supplies; develop security plan for building access, keys, locked doors, etc.; develop plan for waste and garbage disposal
  • Friday Before Service Begins – move in equipment and supplies; set up tracking system for requests or problem areas; additional managers are brought in to help with start-up of transition
  • Saturday Before Service Begins – start detail cleaning
  • Sunday Service Begins – detail cleaning continues and nightly cleaning begins
  • First Week of Service – nightly walk throughs are conducted by the management team and questions/problems are addressed immediately with the cleaning crew.


Training –

Page 1 of REDLEE/SCS’s training manual contains these words: “Advancement is an important source of personal satisfaction. Education and training, the keys to meaningful work experience, are one of the best ways to motivate and retain employees.” At REDLEE/SCS training is not just time in a classroom, but time commitment, value added, and the development of pride in our work—from the porter or maid to the senior management team. Training is an important part of the product we deliver to our customers.

Security –

Every REDLEE/SCS worker must undergo a thorough pre-employment screening and background check. In addition, our workers are easily identified by our standardized uniforms and proprietary ID badges, so you always know who is working in your building – day and night.

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