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TESTIMONIAL: Local REDLEE/SCS Business Development Manager Proves Going Above and Beyond Leads to Success

Here at REDLEE/SCS, we love to recognize a job well done, ESPECIALLY when the recognition comes from a happy client. We’d like to commend our team member John Mitchell, Business Development Manager from Dallas, Fort Worth for going above and beyond the call of duty. We give our team members the authority to take initiative in ensuring total client satisfaction and John did just that! Below is an e-mail we received about the outstanding customer service provided by John.


Your company recently did a final clean for me at a Raising Canes in Arlington. The cleaning ended up great but more than that I wanted to express my appreciation for the incredible customer service that John presented.

He personally met me onsite when we had issues and was very diligent in following up with those issues. We even asked him to do things well above the scope of cleaning (at a cost) and he never hesitated. He had a great attitude towards figuring out what his client needed and meeting that goal.

Thanks for the great customer service and I look forward to using you guys anytime I am in town and can.”

Justin Ballard, Project Manager

Oh, we love when our team makes us look good! On our website we boast that our team members are passionate about “raising the bar on what’s possible and equally focused on achieving client success”. John Mitchell demonstrates REDLEE/SCS continual and persistent approach to hiring great people! Thanks Justin for the great feedback and thanks John for continuing to make us proud!

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