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About Us

It all started in 1981 with Charles Redfearn’s idea to do the cleaning business a little bit differently. In December of 1982, the father and son team started what would become REDLEE/SCS today. Chuck Redfearn moved his young family to Tulsa, OK and REDLEE, INC. was formed. Charles worked on selling contracts while Chuck oversaw the cleaning crews.

Their first big break was with Oral Roberts University—cleaning the campus, dorms, and faculty areas. In 1984, Charlie started up REDLEE’s second branch in Dallas, TX and Chuck and his family moved back to the area in 1986. Every step we’ve taken with our clients has helped make us larger, stronger, and more professional than any other janitorial company in existence today.

Not every step has been easy, but it’s always been vital to our growth and understanding. What started out as a way to provide for the Redfearn family has grown to impact the lives of more than 100 managers and office staff and more than 3000 cleaners across the country. From the ground up, we have become a family business gotten out of hand.


We are a proud certified Native American owned business. The Redfearn family’s heritage creates the foundation of REDLEE/SCS’s guiding principles of our operations, and our commitment to excellence is personal not just to the family, but to each and every person representing the REDLEE/SCS promise.

Our Leadership Team

Chuck Redfearn

Chairman of the Board

Mike Holman

Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey Shea

Chief Operating Officer

John Gendreau

President of National Operations

Vicente Leon

VP Human Resources

Stephen Maxwell


Michelle Graifemberg

Director of HR

Jerry Bonner

Director of Operations for Traditional Commercial Real Estate

Bill Hawthorne

Director of Operations for Specialty, Event, and Ancillary

Javier Guillen

Marketing Manager
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