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Getting Started

We make it easy to start with us!

Our team works with you to get a clear understanding of your cleaning requirements and then we create a customized program for you.

Customized Cleaning Plan

  • Storage Areas and Delivery
  • Security Procedures
  • Tenant List with Common Sqft
  • Establish Tenant Notifications
  • Billing Name and Address
  • Tenant Interviews
  • Equipment Assigned
  • Periodic Cleaning Schedule
  • Day Staff Evaluation
  • ID Badges Processed
  • Priority Items at Start-up
  • Product Delivery Procedure
  • Waste and Recycle Program
  • Key Audit and Security Meeting
  • Billing Paperwork Submitted
  • Insurance Certificate Delivered
  • Order Supplies for Friday Delivery
  • Uniforms Pulled
  • Walk Down Schedule
  • Supplies Delivered
  • Equipment Delivered
  • SDS Log Book Placed
  • Communication Log Book
  • Final Key Audit
  • Start Priority Items
  • Crew Training & Orientation
  • Start Standard Cleaning Items
  • Complete Full Clean of Building
  • First Day of Manager Walk Downs
  • Day Crew Start
  • On Site Training
  • PM Progress Meeting
  • Manager Walk Down
  • Nightly Manager Walk Down
  • Daily Cleaning Assesment
  • Friday PM Meeting
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